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Lavish Locks Hair Oil


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Lavish Your Hair With The Love It Deserves

Feeling dehydrated? Stressed? Hormones out of whack? Not eating right? When you have a bad day, your hair does, too.

Or if you’re just doing too much – washing too often, adding too much heat, trying tool after tool… your hair feels that, too.

Whether the stress is inside or out… your hair just needs a break.

With fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, Lavish Locks Hair Oil has what your hair needs to be stronger, healthier… and lavish.

  • Bring even the driest hair back from the brink with Kukui Nut Oil, a natural moisturizer that full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants

  • Fortify your hair’s health with Argan Oil, making it strong enough to resist everyday damage

  • Feels amazing and penetrates deeply as a hot oil treatment