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Where do you create your products and ship from?

 All products are made in small batches, by me, in San Antonio, TX, which is also where I ship your orders from. At this time, I have no employees so what you get will always be made to my exacting standards. 

But oil is bad. Isn't it?

From the time we're in our early teens we are bombarded with advertising and misinformation that lead us to believe that the cause of all skin issues is an excess of oil. The least amount of shine led us, or our mothers, to pull out the witch hazel, alcohol or calamine lotion and wipe it away. And we got what we were after, dull, lifeless, non-shiny skin. But is that really healthy? No. No, it's not. 

The very top layer of our skin is called the Barrier or the Acid Mantle. This layer is made of dead skin cells and sebum. Too little sebum and dead skin can build up and look flaky and dull. Too much oil and we get shiny, and if the oil is sticky, as acneic skin sebum often is, the dead skin cells and p. acne bacteria get trapped in the oil and cause breakouts. Utilizing oil to cleanse away skin sebum, then adding more oil as a moisturizer not only helps to flush away dead skin and excess oil, but it also provides dry skin with the oil it's not getting and tells oily skin that it doesn't have to overproduce. It may be counterintuitive at times, but it works.

Why would people want something without scent?

Scent comes in many different forms and each of them can cause certain internal and external negative reactions. I first understood this when I was a teen and would get severe headaches whenever I went by the candle store at the mall, or if someone sprayed an air freshener or perfume near me. Over time, my skin would actually turn bright red and look like I had received a chemical burn. Once I became an adult, a different type of sensitivity showed up. My mother was going through chemotherapy when I was in my early twenties, and any scent, even the lightest most natural, would cause her to feel nausea. She had very few alternatives in skin care and mostly washed her face with water and a washcloth. As you can imagine, the chemotherapy did her skin no favors, and I truly believe she would have benefited from the unscented products I make today. 

For most people, even those who enjoy the smell, artificial scent of any kind should be entirely kept away from due to its increasing link to health conditions such as sensitized skin, allergic reactions and atopic dermatitis. Natural fragrance can be an interesting and exciting alternative to artificial scent, but it can still trigger allergic reactions, headaches and skin issues. Essential Oils tend to cause fewer allergic reactions due to their straightforward labeling but they are highly volatile, and many a person has burned skin by applying improperly. I do use natural fragrance oils and essential oils in my skin care, but they are clearly marked and sourced from labs that are serious about quality.