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About Herbal Owl Oils & Things

Herbal Owl Oils & Things: The Beginning

At the age of 37 I had a choice, stay in the corporate world and watch my son fail out of school or leave and help my son graduate. It was an easy decision. I left my corporate job and returned to school to earn an Esthetics degree. At 38 I started my spa, and at 39 I began Herbal Owl Oils & Things. My small batch, hand crafted skincare products were made to address two major issues: dry skin and, a lack of quality unscented products in the world.

Why Oil?

I had no idea how sensitized my skin had become until I went back to school. I was severely lacking in oil, and even the dry skin products in my favorite skincare lines didn't seem to do enough to counteract my flaky, red and irritated skin. I started playing around with Jojoba oil, which is as close to our natural skin sebum as we can get. I added a few other seed and nut oils that had different fatty acid compositions, and Vital Lipids Facial Oil was born. It's my number one seller to people of every skin type, and its only getting more popular as word spreads. 

And Unscented Everything?

Unscented products have always been important to me. From a young age, products with artificial scent would give me a headache, and artificial fragrance in products caused my skin to get even more red and irritated than usual. When I was in my late teens my mother went through chemotherapy for breast cancer and any scent at all was enough to give her a migraine. The lack of quality unscented products meant she washed with water and a washcloth. Chemotherapy, and many other medical treatments and conditions are terribly harsh to skin, so not having products to use meant her skin got worse and worse as the chemo progressed. I don't want anyone else to experience that, which is why every product in my line has an unscented version. 

There are many reasons to use unscented products, and no good reasons to use things with artificial fragrances. Next time you purchase skincare, consider an unscented version.

Other Questions?

As an esthetician, one of my favorite things to do is answer questions about skincare and skin health and my products. If you have any questions please direct them to the address below, or you can join my facebook group "Dry Skin Sucks

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